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Battlefield 1 Turning Tides Weapon Skins Revealed News 0

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With the Battlefield 1 CTE (Community Test Environment) playerbase already being the very first to experience the upcoming Turning Tides DLC. It was only a matter of time until more content about the expansion got leaked before its official reveal. Thanks to the latest update for said client, we can know see what Battlefield 1 […]

Star Wars Battlefront II Beginner’s Guide Tips and Tricks News 0

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  Once loading the game and entering your first few multiplayer matches, you’ll gain an initial influx of credits that you can you use to buy loot crates, or Heroes and other items. While it’s tempting to save whatever amount you have to buy Darth Vader or Luke Skywalker right away, don’t.  Unlock more items, […]

Sledgehammer Games Claims “More Fans” Like Call of Duty: WWII Low Domination Score News 1

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A few weeks ago, we posted a story with evidence that Sledgehammer Games didn’t implement the promised Call of Duty: WWII beta changes they were supposed to do in the final game. One of the promised changes that Sledgehammer said would be in the final game was each kill in Domination would be 100 instead […]

Battleborn Developer Gearbox Sent Death Threat, Letter Claims Every Employee to Be Executed News 2

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Just a few days ago, we reported that an alleged (confirmed fake) game developer got a ton of death threats due to controversy surrounding Star Wars Battlefront II. While that one might have been a fake troll job by someone who wanted his 15 minutes of fame, these sort of things do happen from time […]

Payday 2 VR is Now Available for Testing, Gameplay Trailer Celebrates Beta Launch News 0

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Payday 2 VR is now available for beta testing on PC. It’s free to access for all owners of the standard Payday 2 game. In order to play the game in virtual reality, you’ll need a HTC Vive headset.  If you have a Vive, follow these simple steps to access the Payday 2 VR beta: – Find Payday 2 in your […]

Here Are All Golden Joystick Awards 2017 Winners News 0

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The 35th annual Golden Joystick Awards has come to a close, with all of 2017 winners now crowned. I shan’t beat around the bush, as I know you’re only here to know whether your favorite game took home the gold! Here are all of the winners and their respective categories: – Ultimate Game of the […]

Overwatch Free Weekend Has Begun, Go Try out All 26 Heroes News 0

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If you’ve somehow managed to avoid the allure of Overwatch, and haven’t yet invested money into the hit Hero shooter, then this weekend is your opportunity to try the game for free.  The Overwatch free weekend is now live across all platforms, allowing unlimited access to the 26 Heroes (including newcomer Moira), Quick Play, Custom Games and Arcade.  […]

Report: Battlefield 1 Turning Tides Release Date Seemingly Outed News 2

News 2

While game release dates are a big deal in the video game world, the same can be said for DLCs, expansions and the like — especially for a big, multi-million-selling game. Well, that seems to be the case for Battlefield 1’s upcoming expansion, Turning Tides! We already know that Turning Tides will be released in […]

Latest EVE Online Updates Increase Gurista and Blood Raider Activity, Fix Bugs & More News 0

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The latest EVE Online updates increase Guristas and Blood Raider activity within high Security Status space, fix bugs and more. For the full list of EVE Online patch notes, see below: Features & Changes Missions & NPCs – The DED have reported an increase in Guristas and Blood Raider activity within high Security Status space. In EVE […]

Dota 2 Update Tweaks Bounty Rune XP, Implements Balance Changes & More News 0

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The new Dota 2 update reduces Bounty Runes base XP from 50 to 25 and increases the XP growth time from 5 minutes to 7. In addition to this, several balancing tweaks have been implemented including: Anti-Mage Mana Break damage reduced from 60% to 50%, Broodmother Level 10 Talent increased from +60 Spawn Spiderling damage […]

New Squad Update Includes “First Iteration of Modding Support” & More News 0

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The Alpha 9.15 patch has been released for Squad. This update works on fixing the Custom Servers browser displaying licensed servers, and implements initial support for modding. Alpha 9.15 is released! Get the scoop on Workshop support. — Squad (@JoinSquad) November 18, 2017 Find the full list of Squad updates below: – Fixed Custom Servers browser […]

Hex Update “Dead of Winter” Adds 300 New Cards, 5 New Champions & More News 0

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Hex has received a huge update on both PC and PS4. The “Dead of Winter” patch brings over 300 news cards to collect (over 240 on PS4), five new champions, and lots more.  Give the PC patch notes a read below (and catch the slightly different PS4 patch notes here):  DEAD OF WINTER IS NOW AVAILABLE! Over […]

Need for Speed Payback Update Increases In-Game Rewards, Is “Phase One” of Changes News 0

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A new Need for Speed Payback update is now available across all platforms. Its purpose is “to make the progression, especially around the ownership of cars, a much more enjoyable experience.”  The update increases in-game rewards across a variety of events, allowing players to progress at an increased speed.  Here’s a list of what’s changed: – Increased […]

Report: Disney Unhappy With How Long EA Took Action Against Star Wars Battlefront II Microtransactions, Exclusivity Deal Threatened News 42

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Following yesterday’s shocking announcement that EA finally caved in and removed (for now) all microtransaction elements in Star Wars Battlefront II, it seems we now know a bit more on what happened behind the scenes. According to a source that wishes to remain anonymous, Disney talked with top-level EA executives over the growing backlash (something […]

Fortnite Development Update Talks About Team Killing, Weapon Balance and More News 0

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Continuing its fantastic support for Fortnite, Epic Games has released a new development update video that talks about a few things about the game’s hugely popular battle royale mode.  First off, “rocket-riding” and the like are here to stay, unless Epic sees anything game-breaking with it. Team killing is also being checked on to prevent […]

Crossfire Battle Royale Mode Coming to Mobile Version News 0

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If you’re not familiar with CrossFire, I don’t blame you. It’s a first-person shooter that looks and feels like Counter-Strike, but instead of Valve, was made by Smilegate, and published by Chinese publishing behemoth Tencent (League of Legends).  It’s a big game in Asia, and one that’s still kicking along since its release back in […]

Middle-earth: Shadow of War Multiplayer Endgame Experience After 50 Hours News 0

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It might seem unusual to see Middle-earth: Shadow of War featured here on MP1st, as it’s known mostly for its single-player component. Hell, I’d wager that many of you didn’t even know that Shadow of War had a player-versus-player component… Well, it does, though it might not be what you’re expecting! You see, Online Sieges in Shadow of War […]

Call of Duty: WWII PC Patch Fixes Headquarters Bugs, Adds Security Improvements & More News 0

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A new Call of Duty: WWII PC patch is now available through Steam. It’s a small patch, weighing in at just 80MB.  Here’s the full list of tweaks and improvements: – Fixed an issue where the Daily Login Reward popup was not showing up correctly after initially breaking the login streak. – Fixed an issue where certain […]

Report – Star Wars Battlefront II Microtransactions to Still Provide “Accelerated Experience” When They Return (Update 2) News 0

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Update 2: MP1st got an email from EA, which mentioned that the USGamer report used “certain terms that are in fact, not attributable to EA.” Update: It seems USGame made an error in interpreting the message, as their post has now reflected that they did NOT get any statement form EA about it. This is […]

PUBG Desert Map Gets Even More Screenshots News 0

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Yet more screenshots have been revealed for the upcoming PUBG desert map. Nvidia is the source this time around, posting five exclusive images which are intended to give players “an idea of the gameplay opportunities it and the new vaulting system present.” You can find all five images below. I’m curious as to whether players will be […]

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