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PUBG Exec Explains Issue Against Epic Games, Says They Are Not Claiming to Own the Genre or Game Mode News 0

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Just this past week, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) studio Bluehole surprised a lot of people when it publicly called out Epic Games for its Fortnite Battle Royale mode which Bluehole claims is a bit too similar to PUB, and how it referenced Bluehole;s game in the press announcement. While a lot of people will argue that […]

Call of Duty: WWII War Mode DLC Confirmed News 0

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In our Call of Duty: WWII beta impressions piece, I pointed out how fun the annual shooter’s new “War” game mode has been. It’s just you, your team, protecting (or attacking) the objectives. No scorestreaks of any kind will help you, and K/D stuff are thrown out the window (deaths aren’t even shown).  While we […]

NBA 2K18 Roster Update Adds Carmelo Anthony to OKC Thunder News 0

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If you’re a big NBA fan like I am, then you were most likely shocked by the big trade announcement yesterday that Carmelo Anthony of the New York Knicks has been traded to the Oklahoma  Thunder in a blockbuster trade that saw Enes Kanter, Doug McDermott and a 2018 second-round draft pick bundled together for […]

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Montage Takes Revenge on Pesky Helicopters News 0

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Here’s another highlight from Pixel Enemy‘s community submissions, the place where gamers can put forward their best content and share it with a large audience. As MP1st is a site about multiplayer, we’ve decided to feature some noteworthy content submissions. Today’s video is by J-Dizzle, who’s put together a collection of epic Battlefield: Bad Company 2 clips.  Here’s […]

Friday The 13th: The Game Update Adds New DLC Outfits, Communication Emotes & More News 0

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A new update for Friday The 13th: The Game is now rolling out. The Spring Break 1984 DLC, new (free) communication emotes, and numerous other improvements are included in the patch.  Take a deep breath, check that Jason isn’t behind you, and read through the patch notes below! New Stuff New Outfit Customization! New User Interface […]

Call of Duty: WWII Zombies Get New Screenshots, Official Game’s Field Manual Available for Pre-Order News 2

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As we wait for the PC open beta to begin, here are some freshly, new decomposed images for Call of Duty: WWII ‘s Zombies mode. The images come from Sledgehammer studio boss, Glen Schofield as he took to Twitter early today, while jokingly stating that he’ll get fired for these. As we’ve seen in the reveal […]

Paragon PS4 Crashing Issue Being Worked on by Epic Games, Client-Side Update Expected Soon News 1

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Developers push out game updates to either add new features and content, or to tweak the game technically or balance things out. Rarely does it happen that when an update goes out, things get worse. However, that’s what exactly what happened with Paragon on the PlayStation 4. When Epic Games rolled out the v43 Paragon […]

Square Enix to Focus on Games That “Customers Can Enjoy More and Play Longer” News 0

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Square Enix‘s president and representative director, Yosuke Matsuda, has spoken about the way that “multiplayer games have taken the lead” over single-player titles, and how Square Enix will focus more on titles that “customers can enjoy more and play longer.” “Gone are the days in which single-player games were of primary status and multiplayer games […]

GT Sport PSVR Gameplay Shows Off The Nurburgring Track News 0

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While at Tokyo Games Show this week, DualShockers’ Gieuseppe Nelva managed to get his hands on GT Sport PSVR.  Nelva recorded some gameplay (without audio) of himself playing a 1 vs. 1 race on the 24-hour track “Nurburgring”: Nelva described the experience as one that probably going to “tip [him] over into buying [his] own headset”: The first thing […]

PUBG Upcoming Features Detailed in Reddit AMA, Brendan Greene “Would Love to Add a Single-Player Campaign” News 0

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With the full launch of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds supposedly just around the corner, Brendan Greene took the time to answer (almost) anything over on Reddit. I’ve gone ahead and included the most interesting responses below. These either reveal interesting details about Greene himself, or potential PUBG upcoming features. One user wondered if nighttime maps were being considered, to which Greene […]

Red Dead Redemption 2 Date Tease, Possible Story Trailer And/Or Release Date Incoming News 0

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Rockstar Games’ official Twitter posted a cryptic image today… Well, it would be cryptic, if not for the Red Dead-esque color scheme and font! Our money is on either a Red Dead Redemption 2 release date announcement, or a story trailer. With the game having been delayed until spring, it’d be nice to have a new date […]

LawBreakers New Map “Namsan” Gets Its Own Trailer, Say Hello to Mascot Spacey News 0

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Yesterday’s LawBreakers patch introduced the new map “Namsan.” Boss Key has given the new locale its own dedicated trailer. You can view the game’s first post-launch additional map in the trailer below. It also introduces you to the mascot, Spacey. The inaugural post-launch map release is Namsan, the first map set outside a post-shattering United […]

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